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blokz.io updates
  • navigation is a bit updated, blokz.io is home, menu is additional pages.
  • Work continues on the templating for blozk-gen releases.
  • blokz-gen has it's first release here: https://github.com/blokz/gen
  • The Development plan will continue to be developed regularly, updating this list as well as on the Development Plan page

Personal Development

blokz cycle is a 7 week personal development routine to build healthy productive habits as well as shift your thinking into something more creative based on goals you set for yourself. Many metaphors for development and bettering ourselves will be used, some buddhist philosophies as well as getting things done and 7-habits, chunks of time set aside for exercise, diet, sleep routines,... everything is switchable for 'what works best for you', this is a framework for life, similar to blokz-gen being a framework for websites. Maintenance and Gaming life are big themes in the cycle.

Static Site Generator

Blokz-gen is a VS VB (Very Simple, Very Basic) NodeJS Static Site Generator. The basic use cases will be for generating a Landing or Portfolio website as well as track your personal development.


blokz todo is a public todo list app with social integration and rewards! (Coming Soon).
I've always struggled with todo lists personally, they've never been a good fit, something is always off about the presentation or interface...
So after much research,.. did you know public todo lists were even a thing?? I've decided to promote public todos in a app form, using steem.. this has many amazing benefits..
  • More organized
  • Monitize your todo items! People upvoting your (high quality, 30+ minute worthy of discussion todo items...) items and discussing them, helping motivate you.
  • Things and Such
items taking less then 30 minutes still have a place on a todo list.. but a more centralized weekly updated list..
things less than 5 minutes, just stop being a lazy bum and do it now. k thnx. Start with making your bed.


Password best practices... by me:
Take security seriously.. does your bios have a password? Your computer pre-boot? How about an encrypted hard drive? Automatic login is off correct? And password protected? And don't forget to use all different passwords. While at it make sure your router is password protected. Change default passwords. And your bank has a different password from your email,.. which doesn't share passwords with social media sites... While you go through this process.. setup automatic updates.. and do a full software update... You don't have to do it all at once.. but follow down through this post and protect yourself... Don't be a fuckboi slinging your dick around and throwing it in every dirty skant trying to collect STDs like Pokemon.. your money is online these days... Keep it safe.
With that said.. Password management couldn't be easier with SuperGenPass (& Android Version).

Blokz Resources

The following is a partial export of my bookmarks, click around and follow some rabbit holes. Lots of good stuff below. the top portion of the list is affiliate links, for which I will receive a bonus for your enrollment or purchase.
Light on Yoga: The Bible of Modern Yoga
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Coinbase Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. $10 signup bonus for transferring $100.
Simple Online banking with no fees. $20 signup bonus when you use your simple debit card.

CryptoPanic ~ Crypto news and updates aggregate
Coin Market Cap ~ List of crypto altcoins w/prices and data
Material Design Lite ~ Template engine used for portions of this site
http://jsforcats.com &&

Bio and Introductions

Hi! I'm Rob!
Fa Q
I like playing with words, pictures, things & such.
Life is my playground.
I've been a nerd geek dork since before it was cool, and I tell ya, kids have it easy these days. Original Hipster, mainly because my parents could afford or refused to buy me new clothes.
I was born in 1980, a time between times, Not a Gen-Xer, Nor a Millenial or part of Gen-Y really... a Xennial or something, I think that's what they are calling us these days.
Started playing with computers arund 1990, before that I was taking apart every electronic thing I could get my hands on, playing NES, or dorking around playing chess with various family members. Once I discovered computers it was pretty much a wrap on social life...
Then in 1993 Magic: The Gathering came around,... more words later.. I'm tired. ^>^