blokz-gen : Static Site Generator

blokz-gen (github) is a VS VB (Very Simple, Very Basic) NodeJS Static Site Generator. The basic use will be generate a "portal profile" style website, similar to this one, streamlined for life maintenance on a personal level, with a desktop UI for admin tasks. (Forked from Build a static site generator in 40 lines with Node.js By: Douglas Matoso).

Instructions Manual (ish)

Editing the '/partials/sidebar.ejs' file. Social media icons should be edited in a section labeled ##### EDIT BELOW #####. Linking to other pages within the site will be done by editing the second EDIT BELOW instance as links to other pages in the '/pages' folder (to be updated for easier use). This process should be rather obvious, if not, please email using contact page in menu to provide feedback.

'site.config.js' needs light editing, namely updating the steem user, but also title and description.

Footer can be edited in 'footer.ejs' in the '/partials' folder.

Cards are edited in 2 places, '/pages/index.ejs' file and the '/partials/cards' folder. Editing index.ejs is a bit more elaborate then the other edits, but after getting a feel for the previous edits should be easy enough. As for the contents of each tab, thats the files in the 'cards' folder.

That's all for now folks. Edit away!!!

commands of power

        Inside the '/blokz-gen/' folder use the following commands to use blokz gen 
        (build builds the site, 
        serve lets you test it locally before uploading the 'public' folder to a webhost)   
            $ npm i
            $ npm run build
            $ npm run serve
            Go to http://localhost:5000 to see the generated site.
            Once built, the '/public/' folder will have your generated static site, 
            enjoy uploading it to any webserver.